A little look into my life and art.

Just a Few More Days.

I love putting an event together. And this one is no exception. This coming weekend I will be showing my work with 3 other artists. The venue is fabulous. It will be held at Christy's waterfront home/gallery/studio. We will have some art inside and some outside. We will have large scale work and little paintings for under $300...and every size in between. All of us have put together greeting cards of our work. I have also done some "original art" cards.

We started hanging on Monday morning in a flurry of excitement. There is something fabulous about putting your work on a clean white wall with beautiful lighting. We put EVERYTHING up and have since edited...remembering, less is more. Extra paintings will be available for viewing in the "back room". 

The show is colourful, for sure, and showcases Four Points of View. That's what we wanted.

Hope you can drop by...we'd love to see you!