A little look into my life and art.

A Little Collection.

Yes. I do love to collect things. If I have more than 3 of the same item, I call it a collection. And I may keep adding to it. This has been the case lately with books. Children's books to be exact. I look for the most beautiful, quirky, interesting and well executed illustrations I can find. This is no easy task but I find it relaxing sifting through dozens of books at the thrift store. This week I found a few gems, as you'll see below. is the painting of the week. It's a grand 36"x48". I'm calling it "Breeze". It wasn't really a breeze to do but I had alot of fun with it. I worked on it so long that I couldn't "see" it anymore. I eventually had to take it over to my friend's studio and get her to critique it. After that, I declared it done. Next!